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Low Carb Fast Food

Best Keto & Low Carb Fast Food Options on the Go

Low Carb Fast Food Choices One of my favorite things about the keto diet is that I can generally find a low carb fast food option almost anywhere I go. While it might not be an ideal choice, it sure does make the lifestyle more flexible and livable. Who knew that I could maintain my…

Keto Desk Snacks

Keto Desk Snacks to Keep You on Track with Your Ketogenic Lifestyle

Let’s be honest – we live in a fast-paced world that doesn’t always warrant us time to stop and enjoy lunch — let alone the flowers. To avoid being frazzled and unprepared, set yourself up for success by stashing some of my favorite keto desk snacks to your shopping list! Meat Sticks Ever since I…

Lazy Keto

Lazy Keto: A Realistic and Sustainable Approach to Improved Health

I kind of hate the term “Lazy Keto,” or “Dirty Keto.” In its essence, the only restriction of keto is that you keep your carbohydrates low enough to trigger a metabolic state of ketosis. When carbohydrate levels are 20g per day or less, your body is essentially not storing anything by means of glycogen. The…

Sugar and Alzheimer's: How Carb Consumption is Linked to Brain Health

Sugar and Alzheimer’s: How Carb Consumption is Linked to Brain Health

You may have seen people refer to Alzheimer’s disease as Type III Diabetes and now there is some scientific evidence that has come to light that creates a strong link between the two. Many are now finally seeing the risks that over consuming carbohydrates have on your chance of becoming insulin resistant and the potential…

Eating Fat for Effortless Weight Loss with Keto

Eating fat on Keto is the only way I was able to lose weight.

There is a new study making its way around the news world, “Dietary Fat, but Not Protein or Carbohydrate, Regulates Energy Intake and Causes Adiposity in Mice.” In response, you may have also seen some of the outrageous headlines exclaiming that the only macro-nutrient responsible for weight gain is dietary fat. As followers of the…

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