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by Dom Geracia / Oct 2, 2017 / Comments Off on Antipsychotic medications less effective than low carb, Keto diet

Antipsychotic medications less effective than low carb, Keto diet

It’s no secret that a low carb, keto diet works great for weight loss! Psychology Today recently published an article that tells us that a low carbohydrate can also have a better therapeutic benefit on the brain than prescription antipsychotic medications.

Case studies are mentioned that highlight the very quick and effective use of the Keto diet on schizophrenia and schizophrenia-related conditions. As expected, weight loss is noted and possibly best of all — the notable increase in quality of life.

Most people don’t realize that options beyond medication exist. It is critical that we spread awareness of these potentially powerful dietary strategies to everyone who may benefit. If you know of someone who is coping with mental illness, please share these inspiring stories with them.

I personally have noticed an impact on some anxiety issues I struggle with. I also noticed a more relaxed mind and mental clarity. Amazing what food can do!

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