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Raspberry Cream Smartcake Review

Raspberry Cream Smartcake Review: 38 Calories + 0g Net Carbs

Smart Baking Company recently launched a new sugar free product for us to try — the Raspberry Cream Smartcake! Smartcakes are a high protein, nutritious snack cake that are only 38 calories and 0g net carbs per serving. Pretty impressive, huh? I was so excited when I saw the e-mail about this new flavor. I…

Ketologie Chocolate Shake Powder

Ketologie Shakes Review | Keto Collagen Supplement

For a while now, I’ve been seeing the Ketologie shakes all over Instagram and I’ll be honest — I automatically wrote it off as something that wasn’t for me. I’m not typically a person that consumes shakes — I prefer to eat my calories. However, I recently received a sachet of the strawberry flavor in…

Keto probiotics packed with gut-friendly bacteria

Keto Probiotics: 9 Sources Packed with Gut-Friendly Bacteria

As some of you may know, in addition to weight loss, I originally started following a ketogenic diet as a means to improve my irritable bowel syndrome. It works really well for me. But I noticed even further improvement when I started incorporating fermented foods — those naturally rich in probiotics. That got me to…

Tracking on Keto: Is It Necessary?

Tracking on Keto: Is It Necessary for Success?

One of the most common questions I get in regards to Keto is this – “Do I need to track every thing I eat?” The answer is… it depends. Benefits of tracking The idea of tracking on your Keto journey can seem daunting to anyone just starting out. However, there are some benefits to it,…

Keto Alcohol Guide

Keto Alcohol Guide: Which Drinks are Low Carb?

Ever wonder if there are any Keto alcoholic drinks that won’t hinder your progress? Maybe you miss having a glass of wine with your dinner, or you’re celebrating your best friend’s wedding. Luckily, you can enjoy a low carb drink or two and still be successful with the ketogenic diet! Over the years, I’ve read…

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