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by Dom Geracia / Jun 10, 2016 / Comments Off on Keto Krate June 2016 Unboxing + Giveaway!

Keto Krate Box - June 2016

I’m alive. It’s true.

It’s been a whirlwind of events these past months. I’ve somehow managed to: buy and move into a new home, get engaged to my now fiance, acquire a new used car and even have my website hacked. It’s been a journey in itself, to say the least.

Now that things have settled down a bit, I am hoping that I have more time for posts on here. I miss you guys.

One thing that has remained consistent was the arrival of my monthly Keto Krate. I still light up when I see the orange box at my doorstep!

If you are not familiar with the Keto Krate, I highly encourage you to check out my post: I Love Keto Krate – January 2016 Unboxing

Keep are proud to be teaming up with Keto Krate this month for a wonderful giveaway! You have 5 chances to enter and recieve a free Keto Krate — full of Keto Snacks! Try it out!

No Bun Please Keto Krate Giveaway

With that being said, let’s see what was in this month’s parcel!

Rawxies Gluten Free Chili Lime Crunch

Rawxies Crunch: Chili Lime

Rawxies is a great and delicious way to get your fiber in! They’re made with a blend of seeds and the flavor is delicious! I am eager to try the other flavors they offer — Curry Chipotle and Smoked Paprika.

[wpi_designer_button text=’Buy Here’ rel=”nofollow” link=’’ target=’_blank’]

The Gilded Nut

The Guilded Nut: Mediterranean Herb Pistachios

I love things that are heavily spiced with herbs. I also really love pistachios — they’re my favorite nut. The combination together makes me weak in the knees. I will definitely be ordered more of these. Nom.

[wpi_designer_button text=’Buy Now’ rel=”nofollow” link=’’ style_id=” target=’_blank’]

Aunt Lizzie's Low Carb Cheese Straw Bites

Aunt Lizzie’s Low Carb Cheese Straw Bites

Sometimes you try and product and you’re like.. OH MY GOD. How can these be low carb? Well good news, they are! They taste great and you actually get a really decent size bag of these. The only caveat is that they’re made with soy flour. I don’t eat soy much, so a splurge like this every so often doesn’t hurt me.

[wpi_designer_button text=’Buy Here’ rel=”nofollow” link=’Aunt Lizzie’s Low Carb Cheese Straw Bites’ style_id=” target=’self’]

Sweetwood Cattle Co. Original Fatty Meat Stick

Sweetwood Cattle Co. Fatty Stick

This is probably the biggest beef stick I’ve ever seen! It’s so thick and the flavor is great. I would definitely pick up more of these! They make the perfect snack.

[wpi_designer_button text=’Buy Here’ link=’’ rel=”nofollow” style_id=” target=’_blank’]

Curious Curry Super Seedz

SUPERSEEDZ: Curious Curry Pumpkin Seeds

Another awesome product. These have just an undertone of curry — nothing to strong. I am thankful for that, because curry can sometimes be a little too much for me. Pumpkin seeds in general have a flavor I adore, so these are a slam dunk for me.

[wpi_designer_button text=’Buy Here’ rel=”nofollow” link=’’ style_id=” target=’_blank’]

Adapt Shot: Coconut

Adapt Fat Shot: Coconut Flavor

It was awesome to see a fat bomb that comes pre-packaged. Let me tell you — the flavor of this little packet is DELICIOUS. It’s perfectly sweet and reminded me of a yellow cake flavor. There’s also a little coconut flavor that accent it well. I adore these. If you can get past the idea of putting melted oil in your mouth, these will not disappoint!

[wpi_designer_button text=’Buy Here’ rel=”nofollow” link=’’ style_id=” target=’_blank’]

Keto Shake - Vanilla and Cinnamon

Keto Shake by Keto Kars

Personally I did not try this because whey does not make my tummy happy. My partner, however, loved it! The flavor I received was Cinnamon and Vanilla and it smelled great! I loved that the first ingredient was coconut milk — perfect for a Keto diet!

[wpi_designer_button text=’Buy Here’ rel=”nofollow” link=’’ style_id=” target=’_blank’]

Nick's Sticks Free Range Turkey Snack Sticks

Nick’s Sticks: Turkey Stick

If you like the taste of turkey, these will be right up your alley. Unfortunately for me, I have never really been fond of turkey. These would make a great hiking snack this summer! Perhaps I should try the other flavors.

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Want to order your own Keto Krate? Click here.

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