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I get asked this a lot — “can I have kombucha on keto?”

I love kombucha. It’s a fermented tea drink that has been taking over in past years. It provides a boatload of probiotics and there are many health claims regarding it. At the end of the day, I just love the flavor.

While some may argue that it “isn’t keto,” I have always included it on my keto diet. I’ll tell you why.

1. You can buy it or brew it.

One serving (8oz) of Trilogy GTS is 6g of carbs from sugar. I drink half a serving at a time (4oz, 3g carbs) and it’s more than enough to use as a probiotic. That means I also get 4 servings out of one bottle. Because I’m a millennial with student loans.

Also, the bottle. Save them if you ever plan on brewing your own.

2. There’s actually not as much sugar as you think.

While the nutritional label mentions the sugar content, it doesn’t mention that some (if not most) of the sugar is not actually there anymore. The kombucha use the sugar as food and it’s fermented into gas, hence the carbonation!

3. It satisfies my soda craving.

I’m no longer torn between which sugar-free sweetened drink is worth picking up. I love the flavor! It doesn’t leave me feeling bloated or with a headache, either!

4. It makes me feel good.

I just generally feel really good after drinking it. My digestive system loves it, too.

5. You can add a shot of vodka.

Nothing screams summer like a delicious cocktail! I mix 2oz of kombucha with muddled mint, a shot of vodka, and topped off with fizzy water. So. good.

Not sure which alcohol is keto friendly? No problem, I’ve created a guide for that!

Some even say that the kombucha can counteract a hangover. I know it’s been in my hungover health arsenal for years.

There you have it, a few of my favorite reasons for including kombucha on keto.

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