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by Dom Geracia / Jul 8, 2018 / Comments Off on Keto Krate Unboxing Video: July 2018

Keto Krate July 2018

Are you curious as to what I recently received in my July 2018 Keto Krate?

Watch me unbox and go through each product with some light commentary.

Order your own Keto Krate today — it’s like having your birthday every month!

Keto Krate Contents

Each Keto Krate comes with 8+ low carb snacks that are suitable for the Keto diet. In addition, there is usually a recipe to try, more information about the products, and money-saving coupon codes for most of the products! If you find a product you really like, that’s a great way to stock up and keep prices lower.

Keto Krate Video Unboxing

And now for the products!

Krunchy Melts - Dulce De Leche

Krunchy Melts – Dulce De Leche

Each meringue treat comes out to 1.2g carbs each. Not bad for a nice, caramel flavor!

Website / Buy on Amazon


Synchro KetoManna

The Keto Krate sheet describes this as a ketogenic chocolate fudge — say no more!
Website / Buy on Amazon

Ultimate Replenisher Electrolytes

Ultima Replenisher Electrolytes

I’ve been wanting to try these! Add the small packet to your beverage and enjoy the added benefits of replenishing your electrolytes!

Website / Buy on Amazon

Nick's Sticks Grassfed Beef

Nick’s Sticks – Grassfed Beef

Two meat sticks for zero carbs — perfect! Can’t wait to give these a try.

Website / Buy on Amazon

Nui Birthday Cake Cookie

Nui Birthday Cake Cookies

I’m not the biggest fan of Birthday Cake flavored things, but I really enjoyed these! You can’t beat 1g of carbs per cookie, either!

Website / Buy on Amazon

Three Jerks Jerky

Three Jerks Fiet Mignon Beef Jerkey

I particularly love meat snacks! Jerky made from filet mignon? Yes, please!

Website / Buy on Amazon
Fat Fit Go Tropical Mango

Fat Fit Go – Tropical Margarita

The perfect Keto snack and the flavor is spot-on for summertime!

Order from Website

KetoWatt Peanut Butter Bar

KetoWatt Peanut Butter Bar

I am a sucker for peanut butter, so I’m excited to enjoy this for an after dinner treat!

Order from Website

Nutiva Buttery Coconut

Nutiva Buttery Coconut Oil

Going dairy-free? This might be the perfect substitute for butter!

Website / Buy on Amazon

Garlic Jalapeno Kippered Beef

Paleo Ranch Garlic Jalapeno Kippered Beef

Woot, more meat! Garlic and jalapeno are two of my favorite flavors, can’t wait to try this one.

Website / Buy on Amazon

Air Cheese

Air Cheese Snacks

Yum, you all know I have a major cheese tooth, right? Crispy and cheesy… you can’t go wrong with this Keto snack!

Website / Buy on Amazon

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