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10 Awesome Keto Gifts You Can Order With Free 2-Day Shipping

Shopping for the perfect Keto gifts during the holidays can be exhausting. Don’t worry, I put together a list of my favorite products that fit seamlessly into a low carb lifestyle! Better yet — you can get FREE 2-day shipping on almost any of these items if you have an Amazon Prime membership!

Keto Gift: Veggie Spiralizer

Veggie Spiralizer – $12

This is a simple little cooking gadget that produces some AMAZING results! If you’ve ever seen noodles made from zucchini or carrots, they were probably made using a spiralizer.

When I first started Keto, I purchased one of the crank versions. It works great, but it is the biggest pain to clean.

This one is much easier, and they even provide the tools to clean it! You can’t beat that.

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Keto Gift: Bacon Fat Strainer & Storage

Bacon Fat Strainer/Storage – $15

This stainless steel oil strainer is a perfect gift for the Keto-er that is obsessed with bacon!

After preparing your bacon, simply pour the leftover fat through the mesh strainer and into the container. This will keep the delicious fat separated from any stray bits of bacon. The straining step is super important because the bits can go rancid and ruin all of your beloved bacon fat!

This is a high quality upgrade from the old Maxwell House coffee tin my mom used to keep in the kitchen, haha.

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Keto Gift: Dash Egg Cooker

Dash Egg Cooker – $19

Eggs are a staple for many of us on the Keto diet. With this Dash Rapid Egg Cooker, you can easily prepare perfect poached, soft-boiled and hard-boiled eggs. You can also whip up scrambled eggs and omelets, as well!

When boiling eggs, the egg cooker does some sort of wizardy that makes the shell so easy to remove. I’ve never had eggs peel so effortlessly!

The egg cookers come in a variety of colors that will suit just about any kitchen!

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Keto Gift: Insulated Shopping Bags

Insulated Shopping Bags – 2/$20

My mother-in-law bought us one of these insulated shopping bags last Christmas and I absolutely adore it!

First and foremost, they’re awesome for the environment. Instead of getting plastic bags, just pack up your items in these!

They also stand upright and stay put in the car while driving. Nothing is more cringe-worthy than when you’re rounding a corner and you hear the jar of Rao’s tomato sauce fly across your trunk.

These bags come in a two pack, making each one just $10! You can totally get two gifts out of one. If you want to take this a step further, you can fill the bag with some Keto staples like almond flour, erythritol, and maybe a few of Good Dee’s low carb dessert mixes!

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Keto Gift: Light & Phone Holder

Light & Phone Holder – $19

If the Keto-er in your life is anything like me, they probably love taking photos of their food and sharing it across social media.

This contraption makes the process a lot easier and also provides a steady balance with minimal shaking. The lighting is also surprisingly good! This is perfect if you are just starting out as a blogger or social media influencer. It also makes a great stocking stuffer!

Life is too short for ugly food.

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Keto Krate

Keto Krate – $19.99

Keto Krate recently came out with a low carb snack box that is only $19.99! A larger Keto Krate is available for $39.99 and shipping is free for both if you’re in the United States.

You can sign up for a monthly subscription or simply send a box as a one-time gift. It’s so simple and totally worth it!

I’ve been receiving a Keto Krate for years now, and it’s one of my absolute favorite things. Each month, I get a box of sugar free goodies shipped directly to my doorstep and it’s almost like having your birthday twelve times a year.

Keto Krate is also conscious of the ingredients in the products they send out. All contents are gluten free and you will never see maltitol listed (it tends to give people explosive diarrhea).

Through Keto Krate, I’ve discovered some of my favorite products like Good Dee’s mixes, Smart Cakes (Lemon is my personal favorite) and Keto Carne jerky.

You can save 15% on your Keto Krate order with Coupon Code: KRATE15

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Keto Gift: Sweese Butter Dish

Sweese Butter Dish – $21

On the ketogenic diet, we tend to go through A LOT of butter. I like to keep a bar of Kerrygold on hand for when my dishes really need a boost of rich butter flavor (I can seriously eat it like cheese, too).

This butter dish is big enough to store an entire block of Kerrygold! If you are unfamiliar, Kerrygold is a butter produced from grassfed cows and the packages are about twice the width of a traditional stick of butter.

For those of us drinking bulletproof coffee (coffee + butter + coconut oil) or wanting spreadable butter, this is perfect. You can leave it out on the counter and use it whenever you need it. The cover also means that no bugs or pet hair will ever make it’s way into your butter!

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Keto Gift: Vava Milk Frother

Vava Electric Milk Frother – $30

If a certain someone on your list is a coffee fan, you can’t go wrong with this milk frother as one of your Keto gifts! No need to go to a local shop when you can do it just as well in your own kitchen.

This electric milk frother produces A LOT of foam and you can use all sorts of bases like heavy whipping cream, coconut milk, and even almond milk. Pair it with a cute coffee mug and you’re set.

Now that’s the way to start the day!

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Keto Gift: Sous Vide

Anova Sous Vide – $65

Are you horrible at preparing meat? A sous vide might just be the perfect solution.

A sous vide is an electric device that gives you the ability to cook your food at a very precise temperature. Typically, you seal your food, submerge it in a container filled with water, and the device does all of the hard work.

This means that you can perfectly cook your steaks to ANY temperature and it will come out exactly how you like!

I’ve even seen some make a copycat version of the egg bites from Starbucks using a sous vide.

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Keto Gift: Air Fryer

GoWISE Air Fryer – $67

If you haven’t used an air fryer yet, you’re severely missing out! When I received one as a gift a couple years ago, I didn’t think much of it.

My first recipe was a small batch of chicken wings. This is all it took to convert me! Imagine the crispiest wings you could ever imagine, without the oily mess!

My air fryer has grown to be a staple in my kitchen and I legitimately use it every single day. Aside from wings, they’re great for reheating leftovers (the Blackened Tenders from Popeyes reheat beautifully), cooking burgers, making perfectly crispy bacon and tons more! According to the booklet that came with mine, you can even make a cake!

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What are your favorite Keto gift ideas? Share below!

Posted Dec 4, 2018
by Dominic Geracia

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