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Need everything in one place? No problem.

In addition the products on this page, there are tons of FREE resources on the site including the Keto Macro Calculator.

The Keto Diet Simplified

Need all of the Keto basics in one place?

This printable eBook includes:

  • Keto Quick Start Guide (exactly how I follow Keto)
  • Sample Meal Plans
  • All recipes from (+ new recipes added automatically!)

Keto Eating Out Guides

This printable eBook features:

  • Easy-to-read nutrition information
  • Quick low carb meal ideas
  • Print or download to your desktop or mobile phone
  • Popular restaurants like McDonald's, Olive Garden, Wendy's & more
  • Lifetime updates (+ new guides added automatically!)

No Bun Please Hoodie

No Bun Please T-shirt

No Bun Please PopSocket

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