As a self-proclaimed cheese-a-holic, it can be daunting and even scary to cut dairy from your diet. Whether you have a lactose intolerance or are just experimenting with removing dairy products for weight loss, here is a list of my favorite dairy-free, keto recipes that should help get you started.

Low Carb Chicken Crust Pizza

Chicken Crust Pizza

This chicken crust pizza recipe is not only low carb, it’s also free of gluten, dairy, and nuts! It’s a very neutral tasting crust, so it pairs well with strong, rich toppings. Best of all, you probably already have all of the ingredients needed in your kitchen.

I usually top my crust two ways:

  • as a Chicken Parmesan with tomato sauce, shredded mozzarella and Parmesan
  • as a Buffalo Chicken Pizza with buffalo sauce, cheddar cheese, blue cheese and ranch

Being able to enjoy pizza and still lose weight has been an absolute game changer for me.

One entire chicken pizza crust comes out to:

  • 542 calories
  • 20g fat
  • 3g carbs
  • 63g protein

Recipe: Chicken Crust Pizza by No Bun Please

Low Carb & Dairy Free Tomato Bisque

Roasted Tomato Bisque

This Roasted Tomato Bisque from All Day I Dream About Food is perfect for a rainy day! You may be surprised to learn about the secret ingredient that gives this comforting meal it’s creaminess. Nope, it isn’t sour cream or cream cheese. Think a little more green…

For one cup of this creamy tomato bisque:

  • 94 calories
  • 8g fat
  • 7g carbs
  • 3g fiber
  • 4g protein

Recipe: Roasted Tomato Bisque by All Day I Dream About Food

Coconut Curry Chicken from Keto Connect

Coconut Curry Chicken

You won’t be disappointed with this Coconut Curry Chicken from Keto Connect. It’s an easy weekday meal that is really delicious!

The aroma that floods your kitchen will have you salivating! Serve with cauliflower rice and enjoy the wonderful flavors.

For 1/5th of this low carb recipe, we’re looking at a macro breakdown of:

  • 354 calories
  • 29g fat
  • 6g carbs
  • 1g fiber
  • 5g net carbs
  • 26g protein

Recipe: Coconut Curry Chicken from Keto Connect

Pumpkin Pie Spiced Waffles

Pumpkin Pie Spiced Waffles

You had me at pumpkin pie! Who knew that you could lose weight eating waffles?

The Pumpkin Pie Spiced Waffles from are the perfect blend of comfort and spice. These gluten free low carb waffles are served best with a drizzle of warm almond butter — yummy!

Each recipe will yield 2 servings and the nutrition breakdown comes out to:

  • 296 calories
  • 22g fat
  • 13g carbs
  • 6g fiber
  • 7g net carbs
  • 14g protein

Recipe: Pumpkin Pie Spiced Waffles from

Chocolate Coconut Smoothie

Chocolate Coconut Smoothie

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This Chocolate Coconut Smoothie is the perfect compromise when you want something delicious but also healthy. You won’t believe how creamy this one gets!

Sometimes I like to add frozen strawberries — so good. It tastes just like a chocolate covered strawberry.

One serving of this creamy Chocolate Coconut Smoothie comes out to:

  • 510 calories
  • 23g carbs
  • 16g fiber
  • 7g net carbs
  • 12g protein

Recipe: Low-Carb Chocolate Coconut Smoothie by KetoDiet App

Triple Chocolate Cookies

Triple Chocolate Cookies

For a true chocolate lover, the Triple Chocolate Cookie recipe from Joy Filled Eats will not disappoint. These coookies are huge — you can easily make smaller servings and have a stash of yummy keto friendly cookies ready to go!

Bet they’d go great with a dairy-free ice cream or dipped in a cold glass of almond milk.

For one huge Triple Chocolate Cookie, you’re looking at:

  • 227 calories
  • 21g fat
  • 10g carbs
  • 5g fiber
  • 5g net carbs
  • 8g protein

Recipe: Triple Chocolate Cookies by Joy Filled Eats

Ultimate Keto Buns

Ultimate Keto Buns

Everyone loves a bunless bacon burger, but have you ever wanted a bun to go along with it? These Ultimate Keto Buns from My PCOS Kitchen fit the bill and are dairy/gluten free.

Be creative! This recipe could be baked into a full loaf or even into hotdog buns.

Each batch makes 6 buns and has:

  • 230 calories
  • 21g fat
  • 4g carbs
  • 2g fiber
  • 2g net carbs
  • 8g protein

Recipe: Ultimate Keto Buns by My PCOS Kitchen

Dairy Free Ranch Dressing

Ranch Dressing

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love ranch dressing? Most are made with buttermilk, but this recipe is clear of all dairy.

This low carb ranch dressing recipe reminds me of the types you get at pizza shops — perfect for dipping just about anything!

For 2 tablespoons, this ranch comes out to:

  • 122 calories
  • 13g fat
  • 3g carbs
  • 0g protein

Recipe: Ranch Dressing by Peace, Love and Low Carb

Dairy Free Keto Ice Cream

Keto Ice Cream

All it takes is 4 ingredients to make this amazing Keto Ice Cream from Chocolate Covered Katie. This recipe uses coconut milk in place of heavy cream as the base and is perfect for following a dairy-free ketogenic diet.

Recipe: Keto Ice Cream by Chocolate Covered Katie

Prosciutto Wrapped Cod

Proscuitto-Wrapped Cod

This Proscuitto-Wrapped Cod is elegant and simple. The addition of proscuitto crisps up nicely, flavors the cod and keeps it juicy. Serve it with a side of spinach for the perfect keto dinner!

Recipe: Proscuitto-Wrapped Cod by Kit’s Coastal

Keto Blackberry Cobbler

Blackberry Cobbler

This Blackberry Cobbler recipe from Wholesome Yum is a prime example of how you can still enjoy dessert on the dairy free ketogenic diet. I love how crisp the topping gets and the addition of collagen really brings the whole pie together!

This dairy free dessert would go wonderfully with a dallop of coconut cream or dairy-free ice cream. I am thinking about it straight from the oven and my mouth is watering!

For one serving, this comes out to:

  • 154 calories
  • 12g fat
  • 7g carbs
  • 4g fiber
  • 3g net carbs
  • 5g protein

Recipe: Blackberry Cobbler by Wholesome Yum

Dairy Free Keto Greek Chicken

Greek Chicken

This Greek Chicken from Wholesomelicious is layered with Mediterranean flavors and I can’t get enough of it! Preparation methods include using the Instant Pot or a slow cooker.

Obviously you’ll need to forego the optional feta cheese. This recipe is totally delicious without it!

Leftovers are great shredded over a salad or chopped into a wonderfully aromatic chicken salad. You can’t go wrong with this recipe.

The macros for 1/6th of this recipe come out:

  • 452 calories
  • 36g fat
  • 4g carbs
  • 1g fiber
  • 3g net carbs
  • 26g protein

Recipe: Greek Chicken from Wholesomelicious

Dairy Free Crepes with Chocolate

Chocolate Almond Butter Crepes

How incredible do these Chocolate Almond Butter Crepes from I Heart Umami look? I could totally see myself getting up early on the weekends and whipping these up.

To switch it up a little bit, I’d top these with some toasted, crushed hazelnuts and a dallop of coconut whipped cream. What an indulgence — every bite is a true delight!

For 1 six inch crepe, the nutritional breakdown is:

  • 217 calories
  • 21g fat
  • 4g carbs
  • 1g fiber
  • 3g net carbs
  • 6g protein

Recipe: Chocolate Almond Butter Crepes by I Heart Umami

Dairy Free Keto Meatballs

Dairy Free Keto Meatballs

A good, dairy free meatball is hard to find. These Keto Meatballs from Real Balanced are legit and won’t disappoint!

Add them alongside your favorite low carb pasta substitute or chop them up as a topping on your favorite pizza. They’re also great for meal prep and should work with just about any meal plans.

Recipe: Keto Meatballs by Real Balanced

Dairy Free Keto Shrimp Ceviche

Shrimp Ceviche

Looking for something fresh with a pop of flavor? Try the Shrimp Ceviche from Kalyn’s Kitchen — it’s really great!

For a twist, serve this recipe on an avocado sliced in half or add in pieces of crispy bacon just before serving.

Recipe: Low Carb Shrimp Ceviche by Kalyn’s Kitchen

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