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Keto Butterbeer Recipe

Keto Butterbeer Recipe: A Harry Potter Fan’s Dream

Ever since I started reading the Harry Potter series in third grade, I’ve been obsessed with trying to create my own version of an old wizard favorite — Butterbeer. The perfect accompaniment to a handful of chocolate frogs. Now, I don’t believe there are specific ingredients out there for this magical beverage. While the recipe…


How to Make Bone Broth

If homemade bone broth isn’t part of your healthy lifestyle, I highly recommend you incorporate it.  It’s a cheap and effective way to get a ton of nutrition in your diet.  Continue reading and I’ll show you how to make bone broth. What is Bone Broth? Bone broth (or stock) has been around for hundreds…


Spiked Root Beer Float

Now, it may not come to anyone’s surprise, but I really enjoy drinking alcoholic beverages. I mean, I am 23-years-old after all. Initially, that was one of the reasons that I started keto – it gave me the option to still enjoy nights out with friends drinking alcohol and also lose weight! In the beginning,…

Creamy Keto Horchata: 2g net carbs per serving

Creamy Keto Horchata: 2g net carbs per serving

Keto Horchata? Sounds kind of exotic, doesn’t it? In many parts of the world (mostly Spanish speaking countries), horchata is a beverage that is embedded into the food culture. When I studied abroad in Ecuador, I enjoyed horchata that was a bright red, herbal tasting beverage.  However, I find that it takes A LOT of…

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