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Month: February 2019

Pickle Brine Chicken Tenders in the Air Fryer

I’ve been seeing pickle brine chicken all over Instagram recently and just knew I had to give it a try! I’ve always been a lover of pickles and am proud to say that even on Keto, they’re still a staple in our home. Why pickle juice? There are a few things about pickle juice that…

Keto Starbucks Drinks & Meals (Full Nutrition Info)

When you need caffeine on the go, be sure to pull up this Keto Starbucks Guide for all of the lowest carb options available. Starbucks is easily the most popular coffee chain in the world. With a wide range of offerings, there is something for everyone! Overview Using the app is really convenient and it…

Keto Calculator: Calculate Your Macronutrient Goals

Just starting the Keto Diet? Let’s calculate how much food you should eat. We use the information you input to convert your macros into ketogenic percentages.

Best Keto P.F. Chang’s Options (Full List)

Here’s a collection of the Best Keto P.F. Chang’s Options with the lowest carb counts! Chinese food (especially the Americanized versions) can be somewhat difficult to navigate if you don’t have the nutrition information handy. While super delicious and flavorful, a majority of it is loaded with carbohydrates and sugar. That doesn’t mean you can’…

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